It’s All About Our Children

We have an opportunity, right now, before the bulldozers start lining up, before construction creates havoc in our community for 18 months, before we commit to constructing a power plant which will forever alter the landscape where children love to play.

We have an opportunity to say “No” and protect our sacred space where the child in ALL of us comes to BE in Nature.  It’s not too late for Cogentrix to realize that they arbitrarily stuck a thumbtack into a map without really studying the affected area, and the importance of Mission Trails Regional Park as a legacy to our children.

Rezoning open-space land to Industrial is not a very bright idea.

Ducks Unanimously Oppose Power Plant at Their Home

Yep, it’s official.  The ducks inhabiting Mission Trails Regional Park have weighed in on the matter of the Quail Brush power plant, and they think the idea is WHACK!

The Foxes are in the Hen House

How disillusioning to notice on the latest flyer for the 10th Annual “Explore Mission Trails Day” coming up on May 19th, that Quail Brush Genco, LLC is listed as a “Community Sponsor.”

Really????!!!!! defines the word “community” as:

1. a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a commoncultural and historical heritage.

2. a locality inhabited by such a group.
The Santee City Council which represents the community living directly downwind of the proposed Quail Brush power plant has already made it plain that they are opposed to the construction of the power plant (in any way, shape or form) by voting unanimously against it, and installing banners opposing  it that can be seen WITHIN THE COMMUNITY.
I’m sure this bribery of the Mission Trails board is only the beginning of the dirty tricks that Sempra and Cogentrix will be pulling out of their greasy bag during the 60-day continuance that has been granted them to make this power plant idea more palatable to the community.
Don’t they get it?  There is no price they can pay for the “church” where many of us go to “worship” Nature.
That is why we must now redouble our efforts.  Don’t just sit back after signing a petition at StopTheSanteePowerPlant.  Show up en masse to these Planning Commission meetings.  Bring your family.  They have shown that they are digging their heels in and our beloved Mission Trails are under siege by monopoly Sempra Energy and North Carolina carpetbagger Cogentrix which appears to have some very large coffers.  They have started to sprinkle dollar bills on community groups believing that their money will muffle any opposition.

Mission Trails is for Lovers (not Power Plants)

Henry David Thoreau’s poetic Muse was Walden Pond.

John Muir, co-founder of The Sierra Club and avid environmentalist, was “at home” at his beloved Yosemite.

For many of us, Mission Trails Regional Park is the place where we go to be one with Nature.

It was Muir’s mission to “save the American soul from total surrender to materialism.”  He, as one man, was able to accomplish much to protect Yosemite as a national treasure.  Muir valued nature for its spiritual and transcendental qualities. In one essay about the National Parks, he referred to them as “places for rest, inspiration, and prayers.” He often encouraged city dwellers to experience nature for its spiritual nourishment.

Today our community is rallying to protect Mission Trails from those who wish to destroy the park with their Quail Brush Power Plant.  Of course these fossil-fuel henchmen (and women) are the ones who most desperately need to be with Nature.

Mission Trails is for lovers, not for power plants.

Future San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Opposes Power Plant at Mission Trails

One of the reasons I am voting for Bob Filner for Mayor is because, like many community members, he believes the proposed Quail Brush power plant is a bad idea.  Bob was one of the people instrumental in forming Mission Trails Regional Park.  He, like many of us, believes that it must be protected.

“There is absolutely no reason why we should be exposing our children to dangerous and life-threatening toxins and decreasing our local air quality,” Filner announced at the last San Diego Planning Commission meeting.  “Mission Trails Park is a local natural treasure, enjoyed by cyclists, runners, and nature enthusiasts. It is wrong for us to knowingly harm the environmental quality of the park.”

“Installing a gas-powered plant in an area ravaged by the 2003 wildfires makes little sense. As a region, we should be investing in solar power and clean energy, not threatening our environment and the health of our communities,” said Filner.  “As Mayor, I will direct the city to work with the School District, the County, and the Port to bring clean power to public buildings and to help make solar power accessible to all.”

To see the full story – “Bob Filner Joins Opposition to Quail Brush Power Plant at Planning Commission” – go to OB Rag.

Cowles Mountain, San Diego Jewel

Hikers pause at the top of Cowles Mountain for a 360-degree view of San Diego.  From up here, you will be able to see the proposed Quail Brush power plant squatting just outside of Mission Trails Regional Park to the west.  Who wants to spend 45 minutes climbing up a steep mountain trail only to look down and see a power plant the size of a football field with eleven spewing smoke stacks??????  What kind of a legacy is this for our children and grandchildren??????  A power plant right next to a city park.  What can they possibly be thinking?  (They’re not thinking.)

Following Quail Brush $$$,$$$

Recent Letters to the Editor at the Santee Patch:
5/7/12 Santee Patch:  Follow the Quail Brush Money
5/3/12 Santee Patch:  Mission Trails Day Flier Reveals Shocking Sponsor

Add your Comments & Questions by signing up at Santee Patch–it’s easy to do.

Cogentrix/Goldman Sachs advertises “Fact$”  via costly ads and sponsorships.

In 2011, Cogentrix made a “Gold” level $500-1499 donation to a local Santee charitable organization associated with the holiday season.    Such propaganda, especially targeting children, is deplorable.  What of childrens’ lifelong health & quality of life?

The public can/should demand full disclosure of related activities by SDGE, Cogentrix, and any associated parties involved in the QB project, from the City of San Diego & City of Santee and their Chambers of Commerce.   Post your findings (state or share the information source) as a comment on this webpage and at the Santee Patch too.

Facts matter, but only when disclosed in full and examined altogether.