Mission Trails is for Lovers (not Power Plants)

Henry David Thoreau’s poetic Muse was Walden Pond.

John Muir, co-founder of The Sierra Club and avid environmentalist, was “at home” at his beloved Yosemite.

For many of us, Mission Trails Regional Park is the place where we go to be one with Nature.

It was Muir’s mission to “save the American soul from total surrender to materialism.”  He, as one man, was able to accomplish much to protect Yosemite as a national treasure.  Muir valued nature for its spiritual and transcendental qualities. In one essay about the National Parks, he referred to them as “places for rest, inspiration, and prayers.” He often encouraged city dwellers to experience nature for its spiritual nourishment.

Today our community is rallying to protect Mission Trails from those who wish to destroy the park with their Quail Brush Power Plant.  Of course these fossil-fuel henchmen (and women) are the ones who most desperately need to be with Nature.

Mission Trails is for lovers, not for power plants.

Author: pattymooney

I'm a video producer and editor with an appreciation of the arts, music, poetry, people, fine meals, books, photography, nature, business, fine food, beer, wine, and social interaction, both virtual and physical

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