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  •  West Hills High School’s main entrance = 600 yards (1/3 mile), AND it’s downwind.
  • Only 430 yards downwind is West Hills Little League home plate. There are 4 baseball diamonds there, batting nets and 2 large exercise fields for football practice. Over 500 parents and children are there every Friday and Saturday during the season.
  • Only 530 yards downwind is West Hills High School OUTDOOR Olympic swimming pool used for swim practice, water polo.  When covered over, it is used for Hockey practice and other outdoor sports.
  • Only 230 yards away is the Mission Trails Regional Park’s new Equestrian Center. Horseback riders use this area of the park every weekend to exercise their horses.  Additionally, the site is about 500-600 yards from Mission Trails’ Kumeyaay Lakes and Campground.
AIR QUALITY in SANTEE and TIERRASANTA will become critically dangerous. 
The Tetratech-California Energy Commission report doesn’t tell the whole story:
  • CO [carbon monoxide] 56.5 tons per year at 43% operation [113 tons or more at 100%]  Exposure to carbon monoxide makes people feel dizzy and tired and gives them headaches.  In high concentrations it is fatal.   Elderly people with heart disease are hospitalized more often when they are exposed to higher amounts of carbon monoxide.
  • NO2 [Nitrogen dioxide] 44.8 tons per year [89.6 tons or more at 100%]  People who are exposed to nitrogen dioxide for a long time have a higher chance of getting respiratory infections.  Nitrogen dioxide reacts in the atmosphere to form acid rain, which can harm plants and animals.
  • Other toxic pollutants: Benzene, Formaldehyde, Propylene 46.5 tons per year [107 tons at 100%] Toxic air pollutants can cause cancer.  Some toxic air pollutants can also cause birth defects.  Other effects depend on the pollutant, but can include skin and eye irritation and breathing problems.

Read about Major Air Pollutants:
Everyone can help to stop the “Cogentrix Quail Brush Generation Project” (official name).  Click on Meetings and Take Action tabs to find out how to help Stop the Power Plant!

5 thoughts on “Facts & Links”

  1. Click the Pollution tab (https://savemissiontrails.org/pollution/) above Facts and Links for the list of emissions Quail Brush would pollute annually, running at 43% . These stats are from the applicant CoGentrix.
    You can read all the details by going to the CEC website and reading the pollution info and the health info. They’re big files, so you can first download them to your desktop, then review at your leisure.
    Find them here:
    (Click on 4.7 Air Quality and 4.8 Public Health) and
    (Click on Appendix F)
    If this thing goes through, yes, we WILL be affected by poorer air quality.

  2. What about the CO2 and other Green House gasses??? Why create more plants? We can offset power loads by learning to be much more frugal with our power usage. I have tons of simple ideas, as do others, but the majority of us need to learn new ways. We do not need to keep feeding from the trough of oil and gas either. A solar based plant possibly in this same local would be a HUGE Win Win Win. The last one for all life.

  3. The basis of some of their calculations are flawed, Goldman Sachs has skewed the basic calculation by claiming the area is all rural, with some sage brush and “no urban coefficients required” for the air quality calculations. This is from their Air Quality Report. Air Data was taken from upwind as well.

  4. The emissions will not billow out of the smokestacks as depicted in images.
    But, it is that invisibility of the polluting emissions that is like a thief in the night.

    How perfect . . . for those that would destroy our community’s health and well-being for their profit.

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