Property Value

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How much will your property value drop? It depends on how close you are to the power plant. Here is a report from UC Berkeley that concluded a 3-7% decline in property value within 2 miles of a power plant after construction: click here to read “The Effect of Power Plants on Local Housing Values and Rents”

Here is the math:
A $250K home could be worth $232K
A $200K home could be worth $186K
A $150K home could be worth $139K

Don’t expect the radius to be a cut off point. Home values will drop if you live outside the 2 mile radius.  Lower home values almost always impact their neighbors.

4 thoughts on “Property Value”

  1. I just made a law enforcement report regarding several varying matters downstream from MTRP and upstream from the ecological reserve near Home Depot. …

  2. Let’s hope that you don’t fall for the latest ploy of Cogentrix posted on the CEC’s website yesterday!
    “Applicant’s Revised Proposed Air Mitigation Plan, dated and posted February 27, 2013.
    “5. Fund Administration: Quail Brush nominates the San Diego Air Pollution Control District as the Fund administrator.
    The Project proposes a non-traditional funding program to mitigate potential impacts from its emissions of NOx, VOC, and CO. Quail Brush observes that other peaking projects have fulfilled their CEC mitigation requirements by funding emission reductions through the Carl Moyer Fund or a similar mechanism. The Project also recognizes that these approaches can provide real and measurable mitigation benefits. However, Quail Brush believes that a novel mitigation approach – the creation of a roof-top solar installation incentive fund (the Program or the Fund) – is better suited to address the Project’s impacts in a locale that is proximate to the site. Such an approach can both reduce emissions of NOx, VOC, and CO from fossil fuel generated electricity (by displacing its use) while supporting the State’s goals for renewal energy generation.”
    The Quail Brush Generating Project (Project) is seeking air operating permits from the San Diego Air Pollution Control District (District) as well as overall Project approval from the California Energy Commission (CEC). As stated in AFC Table 4.7-7, the maximum Potential to Emit for Project air pollutants is:
    • NOx. 42.6 tons/year (TPY)
    • CO 55.1 TPY
    • VOC. 46.0 TPY
    • SOx. 5.76 TPY
    • PM10/2.5 33.2 TPY”
    You CAN’T MITIGATE the devastating air pollution impacts this QBGP will have on Mission Trails and the citizens of the surrounding communities!

  3. Distortional wealth, power and its flagrant disregard for humankind and nature proposing to ruin a community’s quality of life. Stop the Santee Power Plant!

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