“Our Prayer for Mission Trails” – A Poem by Bonnie Jean Flach


Come along with me
let’s have a talk
about the land of the
coyote and the hawk
let’s soak it in
as along we walk
We say our prayers
and ask God to grant
this land to be
forever free with
no polluting
power plant

by bonnie jean flach
copyrighted – all rights reserved

It’s All About Our Children

We have an opportunity, right now, before the bulldozers start lining up, before construction creates havoc in our community for 18 months, before we commit to constructing a power plant which will forever alter the landscape where children love to play.

We have an opportunity to say “No” and protect our sacred space where the child in ALL of us comes to BE in Nature.  It’s not too late for Cogentrix to realize that they arbitrarily stuck a thumbtack into a map without really studying the affected area, and the importance of Mission Trails Regional Park as a legacy to our children.

Rezoning open-space land to Industrial is not a very bright idea.

Cowles Mountain, San Diego Jewel

Hikers pause at the top of Cowles Mountain for a 360-degree view of San Diego.  From up here, you will be able to see the proposed Quail Brush power plant squatting just outside of Mission Trails Regional Park to the west.  Who wants to spend 45 minutes climbing up a steep mountain trail only to look down and see a power plant the size of a football field with eleven spewing smoke stacks??????  What kind of a legacy is this for our children and grandchildren??????  A power plant right next to a city park.  What can they possibly be thinking?  (They’re not thinking.)