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The Santee Power Plant, officially known as the Quail Brush Generation Project Power Plant, is to be built on the border of Mission Trails Park and Santee.  Its placement is within San Diego. It sits right next to Mission Trails Park and the Santee community (its nearest neighbor would be West Hills High School). The noise and pollution will be substantial. The area is not zoned as industrial, yet officials may allow zoning changes to allow approval of this project. Mission Trails Park and all its history will be harmed by the noise, air pollution and visual blight.

Location and maps of the power plant’s position.
West Hills High School is 845 yards from the proposed plant (less than 1/2 a mile).

Power Plant Map. Click on the photo to see it large.
Here is a close up. It is to scale. Yes, the power plant is huge. Click on the photo to see it large.

The Quail Brush Generation Project is proposed to be developed on a 21.6-acre parcel, located in the City of San Diego, California. Click on the image to enlarge. The proposed site is located west of the City of Santee, south of the Sycamore Landfill and north of State Route 52. The proposed project is a nominally rated 100-megawatt (MW) intermediate/peaking load, electrical generating facility that would employ a set of eleven (11) natural gas-fired, reciprocating, Wartsila engines.

pollution makers

The  project includes the following:

  • Eleven (11) Wartsila model 20V34SG, natural gas-fired engines
  • Eleven (11) 4 foot diameter x 100-foot tall stacks
  • One (1) 20,000 gallon urea (urine) storage tank
  • One (1) 600,000 gallon fire water tank
  • One (1) 10,000 gallon domestic water storage tank
  • Onsite 230kV facility switchyard
  • Approximately 1 mile of 230kV single-circuit electric transmission line between the project and the anticipated point of interconnection (POI) to the existing San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Miguel to Mission 230kV transmission line situated west of the plant site;
  • SDG&E 230kV utility switchyard at the POI configured as a linebreak of the existing SDG&E 230kV transmission line that will include circuit breakers
  • 2,200 feet of 8-inch diameter natural gas pipeline lateral between the project site and the existing SDG&E 20-inch diameter high pressure natural gas pipeline located across Mast Avenue from the landfill entrance and associated onsite metering station.

If the proposed project is approved by the Energy Commission, the applicant plans to construct the project in approximately 18 months. Construction of the generation plant, from mobilization, through site preparation and grading, to the start of commercial operation, is proposed to take place from March 2013 until June 2014.

CITY of SD DECIDES, not City of Santee who only declared opposition
Click to view this video & distribute widely: Save Mission Trails! Stop the Santee Power Plant!

We oppose the proposed Quail Brush Generation Project Power Plant.
We are gravely concerned for our community’s health and well-being, among other issues.  We respectfully ask Cogentrix and its parent company Goldman Sachs to withdraw this proposal.

We wish Cogentrix and its parent company Goldman Sachs no harm. We only want to protect ourselves and others affected by this proposed power plant.

Join this fight, contact us, attend meetings!

Please note: this is not an open forum

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  1. People before corporations! We need to get back to putting the American people ahead of greed–we also need to start putting more “qualified” people in office who understand that, after safety first, things must be done efficiently, effectively, and economically sound.

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