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I get that SDG&E has some of our interests in mind, the fact they are now investing in geothermal, wind and solar is a reflection of our own demands (a decade late but nonetheless). However this power plant is a reflection of them looking for a cheap currently available energy fossil fuel. They found it, natural gas is available provided we as California import 73% of our natural gas. Yes we do have reciprocating gas engines capable of 55-65% efficiency but we are still using combustion. We are still emitting greenhouse gasses. We are not progressing into the future if we are still are attached to the nipple of the fossil fuels. Its time we move on already. That’s what SDG&E told us the smart grid and the sunrise power link were all about; using our technology to rebuild and make our energies smarter for the future.

They say we need this power plant to provide more energy during “peaks of consumption.” We don’t need more energy, we need smarter consumption, we need the private production of our own electricity. SDG&E would never facilitate this for us because it jeopardizes their very existence. We have a responsibility here and we need to make our stand against SDG&E and Cogentrix. Use our voices, actions and behaviors to stop this plant from ruining our community. Let’s act soon.

See you in front of the bulldozers.

Old Mission Dam in Mission Trails Regional Park
Old Mission Dam in Mission Trails Regional Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– Vince Dambrose III

Everyone should get solar panels installed in Santee and require SDG&E to pay the going rate for power. We don’t need no stinking power plant.

– Monroe Graves

The deleterious effects of the plant on public safety, health and quality of life became ever more clear at last evening’s hearing. It is an ill conceived concept at minimum but more importantly it is blatantly hazardous, on so many levels, to this particular community. …or any community for that matter. P.S.The impassive presence of corporate reps at the meeting was just another affront to Santee but a good motivator to continue to oppose vigorously!.

– Patricia

I am also not opposed to building power plants, but seriously, make an effort to chose a more viable site! A powerplant a stone’s throw from people’s homes? The destruction of a portion of Mission Trails Regional Park?

– Ed Keim

If this goes through, I will immediately put my house up for sale. Who is going to buy a home between 10 smoke stakes, expect values to go down between 30-50%.

– Shane

Comments to the CEC: This power plant must be stopped. The health of the people, pets and wildlife, and future of the city of Santee are at stake. Please do not approve this project.

– Pat Hurley


– Monika

Why are we just hearing about this? Do we have a voice in this matter, because the land belongs to San Diego?

– Carolyn Jess

I can’t believe this! After all the talk about joining with the San Diego River Parks Foundation that this is happening! What a blight on the beautiful Mission Trails Regional Park! I’m sure the park rangers have an opinion about this as well. The only power we need is the Power To THE PEOPLE!

R. Leow

I am not opposed to power plants, I just think this location is a terrible choice. Save Mission trails!

– Bruno

Where can I get a sign I can (legally) plant in my front yard? I live on a busy street not far from the proposed site.

– Dave B.

Peaker plant my eye! This thing is a monster. They are trying to replace the Chula Vista plant and stick it right on our doorstep. You better believe this monster is going to be running 24/7. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is a fool. This piece of junk has the potential to wreck Mission Trails park and Santee. What a bone headed idea. Put it somewhere smarter, this is a terrible choice of location.

–  Adrian

A Power Plant next to these beautiful hills and gorgeous Mission Trails? What are they thinking?

– MI Ruiz

This power plant CANNOT happen! We need to fight this tooth and nail! Spread the word!

– Sabrina

I am against this Power Plant as well.

– Mike

I live within 2 miles of the proposed site. How come I only found out about it now?

– Kat

Yes we can win this if everyone is on board ! I didn’t even know about this until today when a concerned neighbor came to my door (Thank You !)

– Beci C

This project is an atrocity to our community.

– Gary Funk

Stop the power plant.

– Esther Palomino

We need to stop this power plant. We will win!

– Charles Ringer

Hope you have better luck than we did trying to save El Cajon Mountain (aka El Cap) from SDGE. These big corporations are merciless liars. Fight back tooth and nail, never give up!!!!

– William Ortiz

A truly bad place for a power plant.

Mollie Bigger

This is NOT just a peak time power plant. The natural desire of this North Carolina company, Cogentrix, to accelerate the return on their $150 million dollar investment will create pressure to run the power plant all the time and encourage the sale of energy to distant consumers. This power plant does not belong in anyone’s backyard.

11 smoke stacks spewing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other cancer causing air pollutants into the air, right on the border of Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) This gas generated power plant is not in some secluded place called Sycamore Canyon as it has been portrayed. There is no argument that will take away the adverse health affects this proposed power plant will have on the wildlife, park users and population surrounding it. SAVE MISSION TRAILS REGIONAL PARK-NO PROJECT ALTERNATIVE!

–          Retha Knight

Thoughts from a street corner activist: One soon learns the various agencies worship at the altar of Government regulation abandoning any ethics or morality. This sadly reveals a spectacle one cannot find the words strong enough to describe it. The City of San Diego violates the free speech rights of persons that will be severely impacted by this power plant, they are refused the right to speak at a public meeting. The CEC holds a public meeting yet the comments are not allowed in the record for the Commissioners to read. We are told a regulation prevents the loss of property values to be used in the socio economic analysis. We are told a regulation prevented the Santee community from being notified about the proposed power plant. Then we are told it wasn’t smuggled in, even though multiple local agencies, school boards and elected officials knew up to 8 months before the community heard about it! We are told a regulation provides that the air quality data does not have to be taken from the actual source or at the receptor locations of vulnerable populations where seniors are having a very hard time dealing with the pollution now. We are told that Natural Gas is cleaner than coal, yet here is no mention of the toxic fracking extraction process or methane gas leaks during extraction. How clean do you think the Mexican source for the NG will be? We are told regulations don’t require the pollution created by the extraction process be considered in the analysis, how would you get accurate environmental data from Mexico anyway? We are told regulations will allow East coast Wall St bankers that own this power plant 100% possess magical powers which can mitigate 80 mph firestorms that are prone to the site area. We are told the proposed engines, which are typically used in third world undeveloped countries, optimistic manufacturers noise pollution data can be used in the analysis instead of a third party testing agency data. If you want to put a skylight or fireplace in your home you must provide a third party testing agency ICC evaluation report, manufactures data is not accepted, not even for a skylight. We are told Government regulations allow the bankrupt State of California to sell air pollution credits into the hundreds of millions of dollars. The purchasers of our air and health are the very same Wall St. bankers that orchestrated the largest home equity heist in the history of the world. We are told not to worry because once again a sacred government regulation will keep the bankrupt State of California, its subordinate agencies and the home equity thieves honest, and while they do business as usual they will clean our air and protect our vulnerable populations. Nice of these agencies to be so considerate isn’t it? They think of everything, well, except for the toxic fracking and the distressed senior citizens across from Lowes in Santee. But that’s OK, like they tell us, we have to look at the “bigger picture”. One cannot find words strong enough to describe this spectacle.

–          Stop the Santee Power Plant

One thought on “Public Sentiment”

  1. Our illustrious East County Chamber of Commerce wrote a letter May 31, 2012 SUPPORTING Quail-Brush. Signed by Scott Alevry. Should we boycott Chamber of Commerce members? Or do they even know what they are backing? I was driving up 125N today and there was a blanket of smog over Santee; and they want to add tons of pollutants to this? Are they crazy? Or is the love of money the root of all evil? I called City Hall last Monday to ask for permission to post our posters in the parks around Santee. I thought “No Brainer” Well Community Services had to run it by Keith Till and he hasn’t gotten around to it yet (as of Thursday afternoon) I reminded them that time was of the essence. Evidently, not to them. Bah humbug. Stop the Power Plant. Stop the Landfill extension. Stop malicious San Diego.

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