Mission Trails in Photos

Yellow Flower, Silver Granite by Patty Mooney

White and Yellow Flower by Patty Mooney

Artichoke Bloom by Patty Mooney

Red Tail Hawk by Bonnie Smith Flach

Red Tail Hawk by Bonnie Smith Flach


3 thoughts on “Mission Trails in Photos”

  1. Why can’t anyone leave mother earth Alone.. Haven’t they destroyed enough? Or is it their mission to eliminate everything on the planet, for their own foolish Greed..
    Our ancestors have survived for centuries on the basics, and w/o stripping everything till it’s gone..

  2. Yes, certainly we can put a power plant in an already existing industrial area vice a wildlife sanctuary & nature preserve. No polluting power plant in Mission Trails park, recommend another location and also recommend a cleaner energy source, i.e. solar ~ Bonnie Smith Flach ~ San Diego, California (San Carlos area resident, adjacent to Mission Trails)

    1. Bonnie, Great statement to make at the June 28th San Diego City Planning Commission Hearing.
      Please attend to defend MTRP. Just as Friends of Rose Canyon have done this week.

      San Diego is under siege — it’s up to each of us to defend it.

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