Following Quail Brush $$$,$$$

Recent Letters to the Editor at the Santee Patch:
5/7/12 Santee Patch:  Follow the Quail Brush Money
5/3/12 Santee Patch:  Mission Trails Day Flier Reveals Shocking Sponsor

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Cogentrix/Goldman Sachs advertises “Fact$”  via costly ads and sponsorships.

In 2011, Cogentrix made a “Gold” level $500-1499 donation to a local Santee charitable organization associated with the holiday season.    Such propaganda, especially targeting children, is deplorable.  What of childrens’ lifelong health & quality of life?

The public can/should demand full disclosure of related activities by SDGE, Cogentrix, and any associated parties involved in the QB project, from the City of San Diego & City of Santee and their Chambers of Commerce.   Post your findings (state or share the information source) as a comment on this webpage and at the Santee Patch too.

Facts matter, but only when disclosed in full and examined altogether.

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