“Our Prayer for Mission Trails” – A Poem by Bonnie Jean Flach


Come along with me
let’s have a talk
about the land of the
coyote and the hawk
let’s soak it in
as along we walk
We say our prayers
and ask God to grant
this land to be
forever free with
no polluting
power plant

by bonnie jean flach
copyrighted – all rights reserved

Sunset Silhouette, Mission Trails

A very magical time at Mission Trails is the Golden Hour – just before sunset.  Every one of your senses comes fully alive. The scent of sage, the sound of a hawk’s cry, the feel of a warm breeze, the beautiful scenic views that all come together to create a spiritual experience unsullied by industrial cacophony.  Mission Trails has been set aside as Open Space for now and for our future.  We who love and frequent Mission Trails believe that East Elliott land parcels adjoining our park should also remain Open Space and not be rezoned to Heavy Industrial.  If you feel the same way, send your messages opposing the Quail Brush Power Plant to the San Diego Planning Commission and San Diego City Council Members.


Send your note of opposition today RE: 11-AFC-03, Quail Brush Power Plant, City of San Diego Project #270282 to:


CEC Project Manager
Eric Solorio    ESolorio@energy.state.ca.us

CEC Commissioners:
Karen Douglas   <kldougla@energy.ca.gov>
Carla Peterman  <cpeterma@energy.ca.gov>

Mayor Jerry Sanders     JerrySanders@sandiego.gov

SD City Council
Anthony Young <anthonyyoung@sandiego.gov>
Carl DeMaio <CarlDeMaio@sandiego.gov>
David Alvarez <davidalvarez@sandiego.gov>
Kevin Faulconer <kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov>
Lori Zapf <loriezapf@sandiego.gov>
Marti Emerald <martiemerald@sandiego.gov>
Sherri Lightner <SherriLightner@sandiego.gov>
Todd Gloria <toddgloria@SANDIEGO.GOV>