Gas Pipeline Threatens Park – Your Action Requested!

View of Mission Trails from East Fortuna Staging AreaSUMMARY:  SDG&E and SoCalGas have applied to the CPUC to build a new natural gas pipeline from Rainbow through MCAS Miramar to Mission Valley. Miramar wants the pipelines to go through Mission Trails Regional Park, East Elliott, and Goodman Ranch INSTEAD OF Miramar. The alternative routes would be a major degradation to our natural areas and a disruption to park visitors and native flora and fauna. They are unacceptable.

UPDATE: This spring 2018, the Pipeline Safety and Reliability Project is undergoing an Environmental Impact Review (EIR) and a needs assessment. Save Mission Trails opposes the Spring Canyon Firebreak and Rainbow to Santee Non-Miramar alternative pipeline routes. Sign up on our Take Action page to stay informed and to be ready to act. Thank you.

KEY ACTION ITEM:  The number one action is to send an email or letter NOW. Your letter should explain why the pipeline should NOT travel through MTRP, East Elliott, or Goodan Ranch.
You may use the sample letter below (copy and paste) or (better) craft your own letter. ***Be sure to add your name and city to the bottom of the sample letter at the bottom of this post.
EMAIL your letter to the CPUC at

DETAILS:  A 36″ high pressure natural gas “transmission line” is being built from Rainbow to Mission Valley to replace the 70 year-old pipeline currently in use. Unfortunately, Colonel Woodworth, the Miramar CO, wants the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and SDG&E to consider alternative routes that avoid Miramar completely. The two alternative routes would impact MTRP, the Goodan Ranch, and the City of Santee.

SDG&E would like the pipeline to pass through Miramar providing the cheapest and most direct route for this infrastructural upgrade project. However, without action by the affected communities, the alternatives could become reality.

The two alternative routes proposed by SDG&E pass through MTRP and the City of Santee. The first alternative route travels from Poway through the MTRP West Sycamore Area, the Goodan Ranch, the Fanita Ranch property, under Fanita Parkway, turning west under Carlton Oaks Blvd, and terminating at the Rumson Rd Natural Gas Pipeline access point. The second alternative route travels from Poway through East Elliott, down MTRP’s Spring Canyon, through the East Mission Trails Staging Area, under the SR-52/Mast intersection, under the West Hills Pkwy/Mast intersection terminating at the Rumson Rd Natural Gas access point.

Both of these alternatives are unacceptable! SMT will oppose this project through the grassroots methods which we employed to stop the Quail Brush Power Plant! That means YOU taking action NOW. If this Transmission Pipeline is placed in Santee and MTRP, we have strong concerns that another Power Plant proposal will follow.

MORE INFO:  View the CPUC’s PSRP website or SDG&E’s pipeline project website.
Project Name: Pipeline Safety and Reliability Project – New Natural Gas Line 3602 and De-rating Line 1600 (PSRP) Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Notification – Legal Notice process.

ATTEND a SANTEE CITY COUNCIL MEETING. You may address this issue as a “communication” item. Turn in your speaker slip at the start of the meeting. A vote by the SCC is not planned, as the city already opposes the pipeline project passing through Santee. Regardless, attendance at a Wednesday SCC meeting is always good.

THANK YOU very much for your concern, attention, and ACTION!
~SMT Volunteers

Copy and paste the letter below or write your own comments.

Robert Peterson
California Public Utilities Commission
RE: Pipeline Safety and Reliability Project
c/o Ecology and Environment, Inc.
505 Sansome Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94111

RE: Pipeline Safety and Reliability Project (Application No. A.15-09-013)

I oppose both alternative routes of the proposed gas pipeline (Line 3602). Alternative routes through Mission Trails Regional Park and surrounding park expansion areas are not acceptable.

The first proposed alternative would disrupt the use of and degrade Mission Trails Regional Park’s West Sycamore Area including parts of the new Stowe Trail, as well as the Goodan Ranch, and Fanita Ranch. These preserved areas and parklands are used by hundreds of visitors daily. Maintaining the integrity of the preservation of these natural lands is imperative for existing wildlife, flora, and habitat.

The second proposed alternative is equally unacceptable and would degrade Mission Trails’s Spring Canyon and East Fortuna Staging Area, and also East Elliott, part of MTRP’s larger ecosystem. The park and its surrounding expansion area must be protected. A new gas pipeline does not belong in these natural habitats which are used recreationally by park visitors.

Please drop or oppose these alternative routes. Thank you.