CPUC Decision Postponed to January 10 – Have you sent your letter yet?

The California Public Utitlies Commission (CPUC) vote on the SDG&E application for Quail Brush and two other gas plants in San Diego County has been rescheduled to January 10. This gives us time to get more Letters to the CPUC supporting their proposed decision rejecting these fossil fuel plants as not needed!

Have you emailed the CPUC? The more people who voice support of the CPUC draft decision, the better. You can count on Cogentrix and the other corporate lobbyists to be pushing for their profits. The Sierra Club will forward your voice! OR should you prefer to speak via Save Mission Trails, here is our letter and instructions.

Additionally, we are pleased to report that newly-elected State Senator Marty Block and San Diego Councilmember Scott Sherman have written letters to the CPUC in support of the draft ruling, which rejects the SDG&E power purchase agreement for these plants. Click to read Sherman’s letter.

Thank you all, for caring about the future of San Diego and our lovely Mission Trails Regional Park!

2 thoughts on “CPUC Decision Postponed to January 10 – Have you sent your letter yet?”

  1. DELAYED AGAIN. The CPUC has postponed the vote on Quail Brush, Pio Pico, and the Escondido plant for two weeks, to Thursday, JANUARY 24.

    Thank you to all who have DILIGENTLY sent emails to the CPUC and CEC. DON’T GIVE UP! We’ve found out CoGentrix has been heavily lobbying the CPUC in Sacramento.

    Please think of two OR MORE friends who will support our cause with a quick email. Until 1/24/13, you can email the CPUC Public Advisor Include in the subject line, A1105023 – Support the Proposed Decision. (Instructions in post above.)

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