Wed., Oct. 3 is Next Major Event to Stop the Power Plant – CEC Public Workshop

Get ready now for the California Energy Commission (CEC) Public Workshop on the Quail Brush power plant. It is CRUCIAL that once again we all show up and voice our opposition! We will NOT allow our hard work and thoughtful local jurisdiction decisions to be overriden at the state level. WE know what’s good for our cities, communities, park, and health. Just say NO to the power plant at Mission Trails!

DATE: Wednesday, October 3, at 2:00 pm. Allow extra time for parking. (See below for parking permit.) Note: If you can’t come at 2:00, DO show up later, as it is scheduled to continue until everyone who wants to speak or ask a question, does so. (See link below for how to participate remotely if you can’t attend.)

LOCATION: Grossmont College, 8800 Grossmont College Drive, El Cajon, 92020, off the 125, Building 60 – Griffin Center (in front, southeast). For a highlighted map of the workshop location, directions, and a parking permit (p.2), click: CEC GROSSMT MTG MAP & PARKING PASS.

Per the CEC:  The workshop is being held to provide a public forum for staff, the project applicant, intervenors, the public and interested agencies to discuss issues related to the project. The technical areas that will be discussed are Air Quality, Biological Resources, Cultural Resources, Fire Protection, Public Health and Worker Safety. The workshop will also give the chance for the public to ask questions and comment about the project and the staff’s environmental review.

Arrangements have been made for people unable to attend the workshop to participate by telephone and/or by computer.
WebEx and Conference Call-in-toll-free number: 1-866-469-3239
Access code: 929522155    Meeting Password: meeting@2
For details, click here and scroll to page 2.

See you there Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Wed., Oct. 3 is Next Major Event to Stop the Power Plant – CEC Public Workshop”

  1. Decent turnout!! Thanks to everyone who showed up or logged on! About 60-70 showed up in opposition to the plant…over the SIX-HOUR workshop…plus another 50+ (??) logged in via phone/online. The intervenors did an EXCELLENT job showing the flaws of the CEC’s site choice. GREAT and VARIED questions and comments from the public. Notables: Patty Mooney, Jim Peugh from SD Audubon, Steve Goldfarb, SSPP’s Mike Walker, SMT’s Jeff Kahn, Charlie Ringer, Stephen Houlahan, also Ray Phoenix, Joe Sain, Mahgum Asganan (think I got that spelled right!), Bill Powers represented Sierra Club, Todd (?) from Helping Hand Tools, and a powerful finish from Molly Elmore and Retha Knight who told it to them straight up! Once again the message was clear: NO fossil fuel plant here, and none needed. PERIOD.

  2. It is crucial we have a very large turnout. Sign a speaker slip even if you don’t want to speak because they count for the record how many people sign a slip in OPPOSITION. Be there or risk that abomination being built. Cogentrix In their latest filing with the CEC said the engines will be run every day at low voltage for at least 2-4 hours, when they get guaranteed profits to operate, what will they do? They will run the engines and collect that money.

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