Save the Date – Mon., Sept. 24, 2 PM, S.D. City Council Hearing

Tierrasanta Rally Sept. 15

Update – If you can’t make Monday, Sept. 24’s meeting at 2 pm, you can still submit your comment electronically Monday morning or earlier. Here’s how: Click here and type “200 9/24/12” for Item Number and Date. Add your name and address and zip and type “Opposed” in the Comment Box. Submit. Takes 2 minutes.

Save your health, property, communities, and Mission Trails Regional Park! The City of San Diego councilmembers will hear the appeal by CoGentrix to initiate the community plan amendment to re-zone to industrial the East Elliott Community open space adjacent to Mission Trails Regional Park and Santee.  Do your part to NOT let this happen. Make a phone call or send your email asap! Join us at the public hearing on Monday, Sept. 24, 2:00 PM, at 202 C St, 12th Floor, San Diego, 92101 to show mass public opposition to this unwanted and not-needed fossil fuel plant. Come early at 1:00 PM, if you can, for a Rally outside City Hall (same address above). Wear orange to show solidarity!

One thought on “Save the Date – Mon., Sept. 24, 2 PM, S.D. City Council Hearing”

  1. ‎114 degrees Fahrenheit in Tierrasanta and here we are. Are we a bunch of crazy Nimbys? No, we are are concerned citizens that live in these surrounding neighborhoods informing our neighbors/friends /communities about the Quail Brush Natural Gas power plant with it’s 70 ft smokestacks that will spew even more Air Pollution into our neighborhoods! The beautiful city of Tierrasanta “The Island in the Hills” is surrounded already on three sides by the polluting cumulative impacts from I-15 and the 52/MCAS Miramar and I-8/Mission Valley. Now Cogentrix/SDG&E wants to further degrade our air quality by building this power plant on the border of Mission Trails Regional Park..just another nail in the coffin. They would destroy coveted open space all because it is more convenient for them!

    I’ll tell you something I witnessed at the Unniversity City/UTC planners. The citizens of UTC had absolutely no problem shouting at the top of their lungs that they were NIMBY’S when an Canadian company threatened to put a power plant in Rose Canyon! Friends of Rose Canyon packed the house with doctors, attorneys, engineers and environmentalist and THEIR city planners had absolutely NO PROBLEM supporting the will of their community. They did not have to wait…wait…wait… to see what the applicant could give them in mitigation or wait for CEQA on Steroids!

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