A Dedicated Group Rally in Tierrasanta

Sure, it was a rather hot day to stand in the sun on the corner of Santo Road and Clairemont Mesa Blvd. this last Saturday in order to wake up the members of the Tierrasanta community and alert them about the Quail Brush Power Plant.

We did get a lot of thumbs up and horn beeps…

Author: pattymooney

I'm a video producer and editor with an appreciation of the arts, music, poetry, people, fine meals, books, photography, nature, business, fine food, beer, wine, and social interaction, both virtual and physical

2 thoughts on “A Dedicated Group Rally in Tierrasanta”

  1. Can you believe it, some people still are not informed about the 11 smokestacks from hell! These rally’s are so important! When we are visible as a group, everyone takes notice and people that might otherwise not find out about the power plant see us and begin to ask questions & view our website. Power to the people!

    Thanks Patty!

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