No Rubber Stamp – SD PC Denies QB Initiation Amendment


San Diego Planning Commissioners vote 4-1:
NO to Initiate Amendment
NO to Department Staff’s Recommendation

Cogentrix/Goldman Sachs has option to appeal to SD City Council –  Fight continues

New Articles- Hot off the Presses:

rubber-stamp:     ^ Webster’s NewWorld Dictionary, Second College Edition, ISBN 0-671-41809-2 – page 1242 – ”  *rubber-stamp 2. [Colloq.] to approve or endorse in a routine manner, without thought – *rubber stamp – 2. [Colloq.] a) a person, bureau, legislature, etc., that approves or endorses something in a routine manner, without thought, b) any routine approval”

5 thoughts on “No Rubber Stamp – SD PC Denies QB Initiation Amendment”

  1. Just thought you’d like to know that Southwest Strategies was hired by Cogentrix to lobby local politicians:

    The second-quarter disclosure report stating that Cogentrix paid them $3000 to lobby specific people regarding rezoning, etc., is here:

    Might be worthwhile to monitor the web for the third quarter disclosure report in a couple of months.

  2. Thank you all for your hard work and efforts…great job! As the fight continues, I think that we need to get more of these renderings and stats (property values, close proximity to schools, etc) out to the residents in ALL of the surrounding areas ASAP. They have much more impact than the “Santee Opposes QB…” banners (which I admittedly drove by for months without giving things a second thought). This report was a real eye-opener and, along with all of your updates and reports, was really the catalyst in my own personal campaign & info/flyer distribution.

  3. Outstanding effort by the volunteers at Save Mission Trails. We must continue to work with the CEC and move forward with lobbying efforts aimed at the San Diego City Council.

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