Vote Set for July 19th – Email Campaign Begins Now!

We applaud the San Diego Planning Commissioners for their diligence and the votes which opposed initiation of regulation changes to site the Quail Brush power plant. One more vote is needed on July 19th, 9 AM at the Planning Commission  (PC) Hearing to finalize the SD PC’s opposition. 

We are asking you to immediately step-up your written notes of opposition by sending each a message to the SD Planning Commission, San Diego City Council and the California Energy Commission (CEC).  Use the sample message below and add your thoughts about why open space in the Mission Trails Design District of East Elliot is too valuable to convert to industrial uses. The Mission Trails Task Force will also be considering this issue on July 19th at 1 PM.    See the Meetings page


Email: SEND TO EACH BELOW (& Cc list)


Subject: Project #270282, Plan Area: East Elliott – Quail Brush Power Plant CPA Initiation (CEC record‐Docket #11‐AFC‐03)

Dear Planning Commission, I request that you OPPOSE the initiation of rezoning open space to industrial in the East Elliot Community Plan. The plan specifically states that this open space is to be protected for recreational use, the Multi Species Conservation Program area, and because it “constitutes one of the largest and biologically, most important remaining open space areas in San Diego with a number of endangered and threatened wildlife species.” A power plant or any heavy industrial use is contrary and not possible to mitigate for compliance. I strongly urge the Planning Commission and City Council to reject the initiation. Both the applicant’s and city staff’s justifications fail to meet the criteria specified by the City for initiating an amendment. The community looks to the Planning Commission and the City Council to ENFORCE our Laws, Ordinances, Regulations and Standards (LORS) and the City of San Diego General Plan policies, which have been well-thought through, carefully crafted and adopted for the benefit of the communities they serve.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

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