Coming Fast – Urgent Action – Email by June 19th

We’ve learned that any letters sent to the Planning Commission prior to April 26th, must be re-sent by June 19th!   See our Email Activism page & act today!


Plan time off – Attend to defend!  City of SD Planning Commission MeetingThurs, Jun 28, 9 am  City Administration Building, 202 C Street, 12th flr (downtown San Diego).

Topic:  Initiation of a Community Plan amendment to allow the rezoning from residential to industrial to lay the legal framework to approve situating this power plant here.   If we succeed in getting the initiation to rezone denied or withdrawn, the power plant may not be sited there.

Parking is $17 at ACE parking lots, come early, take the trolley, or carpool.

5 thoughts on “Coming Fast – Urgent Action – Email by June 19th”

  1. Keep the letters to the City of San Diego rolling in! Mayor Sanders & council members need to know that America’s finest city’s taxpayers do NOT appreciate the State (CEC & CPUC) and utility and other firms (e.g., SDGE & Cogentrix/Goldman Sachs) dictating drastic changes to OUR local planning documents and protective zoning.

    The City of Santee has declared it’s opposition to the power plant project; BUT the land is within SD city boundary (SD City’s furthest backyard, at the western gateway to the growing and populated city of Santee). These are SD county neighbors and families being disregarded and disowned by powerful interests that they are told they have no jurisdiction to battle this toxic scheme.

    The Mission Trails Regional Park would be altered forever and that makes this an enormous SD City issue—but, which city residents received notice of this hushed/rushed plan to destroy that which vast numbers of the population hold so dear in SD and beyond?

    What sort of neighbor is the City, what sort of public representatives are our elected officials, if they do not protect the public interest and require their own Environmental Impact Study, but instead simply “co-sign” state agencies’ reports involving such a drastic local zoning change? Is such limp “authority” even lawful and in whose interest is such an open gate?

  2. I just checked the SD City Council Meetings and they are done for the month of April. What happened to the April 26th meeting?

    1. The meeting was a San Diego Planning Commission meeting. It was today and a 60 day continuance was granted. We need to show up in huge numbers on June 28th.

      Spread the word.

  3. In March, I contacted my email list – especially people I know who have been to Mission Trails – to encourage people to write emails to the SD Planning Commission. Now we need to do this again THIS WEEK and continue to build a strong opposition. I’ve contacted people and wrote my own emails today, a good project for a cloudy Saturday afternoon; it took all of 10 minutes.

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