Email or fax your opposition to the SD Planning Commission TODAY!

SD staff is recommending approval to initiate a Plan Amendment to allow the “Quail Brush”/Santee Power Plant atrocity.

Email the Planning Commission and all local officials listed further below (copy/paste into your email as one list).

Item: Quail Brush Power Plant CPA Initiation
 (619) 321-3200
Send your note:   “I oppose the rezone of Open Space to Industrial for the ‘Quail Brush Power Plant’ abomination. Please deny the CPA initiation!”

Anthony Young (; Carl DeMaio (; (; Kevin Faulconer (; Marti Emerald (; Sherri Lightner (; Todd Gloria (toddgloria@SANDIEGO.GOV); David Alvarez (; Lori Zapf (; DaleJack (; John Minto (; John Ryan (; Randy Voepel (; Rob McNelis (; Dianne Jacob (; Christine Kehoe (; DavisSusan (; BoxerBarbara (; Dianne Feinstein (


The Quail Brush project conflicts with the following documents: the East Elliott Community Plan, which designates the site as Open Space; the General Plan, which designates the site as Park, Open Space, and Recreation; and the Municipal Code, which designates the site’s zoning as single-family residential (RS-1-8). Cogentrix wants to amend the Community and General Plan by initiating a rezoning from residential to industrial in open space area that was designated to be protected.

What is the specific justifiable criteria for initiating this change? Why is the city of San Diego even considering making changes to these plans and it’s own codes at the expense of the surrounding communities and federally endangered species that live there? Is the building of the 11, 100 ft stacks, using technology that is dated and inefficient, far more important than our quality of life, health of our seniors and children, and the peace and tranquility that the Mission Trails Regional Park has provided since around 1962?

Since the park was a 2000 acre gift from the Federal Government to be used for open space supporting the residential community, shouldn’t the city of San Diego at least entertain the thought of supporting the federal government’s mandate to move away from fossil-fuel based energy and instead look to solar energy? Solar panels on rooftops will harness surplus galore since San Diego gets abundant sunshine year round.

We OPPOSE this initiation and demand its withdrawal. We, the people are watching our cities’ actions closely now and will find it suspect should the city of San Diego’s Planning Commission vote to allow this permanently damaging change so that a power company can place their plant in a location that is most convenient and cost effective for them so they can increase their gross profits at the communities’ expense in every conceivable way.

Author: Jeffrey Kahn

Artist, designer, educator, earthling

46 thoughts on “Email or fax your opposition to the SD Planning Commission TODAY!”

  1. Another sample letter:

    San Diego Planning Commission
    1222 First Ave, 4th floor
    San Diego, CA 92101
    June 15, 2012

    RE: Initiation of Amendment to East Elliot Community Plan PTS# 270282

    Dear Commissioners:

    We request that you do NOT initiate an Amendment to the East Elliot Community Plan on June 28, or in the future, for the following reasons:

    1) The area is correctly and appropriately zoned low-residential/open space, allowing a natural buffer for the City of San Diego’s Mission Trails Regional Park visitors to the very popular and historically/environmentally important Grasslands and Equestrian Areas, Old Mission Dam, Kumeyaay Campground, and Oak Canyon Trail. Graded hills will ruin this beautiful north side of our precious park, visited by folks from all over the world.

    2) Integral wildlife corridors exist near the proposed zone-change. These allow large mammals (deer, bobcat, fox, etc.) to move to and from the Mission Trails ecosystem to the East Elliot areas eventually connecting to Cleveland National Forest. San Diego has already invested money for the purchase of 700 acres here, including a parcel adjacent to the proposed power plant site. Protect San Diego’s investment which protects our natural heritage.

    3) The area is extremely fire-prone and not suitable for a gas power plant. We cannot accept the possibility of a gas explosion during construction or operation. My neighborhood is in a cul-de-sac that couldn’t easily evacuate in an emergency. No evacuation plan exists. Schools are too close.

    4) The emissions will increase already poor air quality in the Santee valley. According to the applicant CoGentrix, hundreds of tons of CO, S, VOCs, particulates, etc. would be emitted annually. Children, seniors, and those of us with asthma (increasing numbers) would become sicker. “Improving” the visual impact of the plant by lowering the stacks does the opposite – the air is less dispersed. Moving the plant a little ways back won’t prevent further air pollution. Buying pollution credits won’t help us breathe better; we have respiratory illness already and don’t want it worsened. This is an economic justice issue and a health issue.

    Please take a stand for one of San Diego’s gems, Mission Trails Regional Park. Why come to MTRP from the more urban areas of the city for respite and nature appreciation, only to face a power plant and whatever further industrial blight re-zoning could bring, and breathe pollutants? Do the right thing as Planners and plan for a beautiful park and sustainable communities that future generations can utilize and enjoy. No initiation: let the LORS stand as written. They were written for good reasons.

  2. “they have yet to hear the wrath of Santee”, we have only just begun to fight his abomination.

  3. “I am a native San Diegan, and I oppose the rezone of Open Space to Industrial for the Quail Brush Power Plant abomination. Please deny the CPA Initiation!!!”

  4. Add Council Member, Marti Emerald (Mission Trails zone) to your emails!

    Marti Emerald, Council member District 7: (619) 236-6677 or

    “I urge you to help stop the rezoning of Open Space to Industrial for the ‘Quail Brush Power Plant’ in the Santee area. This natural gas burning facility belongs in an already-industrial-designated area — not in a high fire-danger zone that will impact San Diego’s nature preserves and hiking trails. Please add your voice to our cause and stand up to stop this!”

  5. I have e-mailed the planning commission to Deny the Quail Brush amendent to change the zoning of the proposed site from open space to industrial. Item #12 project # 2011-04

  6. We sent in two letters of opposition. Hopefully, we can also contact local chapters of the Sierra Club, hiking clubs, outdoor organizations, etc., to let them know how this power plant would visually impair the park. The noise alone would ruin anyone’s daily hike, walk or simple visit to the park. Tragedy! Tell everyone you know–they don’t have to live in the Santee area. We’ve been visiting Mission Trails park long before we were Santee residents.

    1. You are so right, Norman, Mission Trails park is the “backyard” of every San Diegan. Therefore it is an issue for all San Diegans, not just those who live in Santee. This is a gift that we must all protect.

  7. I have emailed my opposition. My husband will do the same, and so will my friends. What more can we do to prevent this? It’s an unbelievable travesty. This is within a few miles from my home, and butting up against Mission Trails Park where thousands of visitors go for peace of mind and the views of pristine wilderness. How did this plan get so far down the line (September construction????!!!!!) without people knowing about it?????? This is an election year. I’d like to know the names of the people behind this.

    1. I just got back from delivering the flyer to some of my neighbors. I am now going to the foot of Cowles Mountain to deliver some more to the avid hikers. I am sure they will be disappointed, shocked and even hurt to learn about this. It’s not necessarily sleeping that most people do – many have their noses to the grindstone and are so exhausted by the end of their work day that they don’t know which end is up. Do you think there is a chance we can actually stop this?


        WE WILL WIN!

    2. I have e-mailed my opposition.I agree with you completely.This is such a travesty. It affects so many people in San Diego county, not just Santee. The people behind this should be made public so the citizens can research the benefits they reap in this decision personally!!!!

  8. Sent e-mail to planning commission – this is such a bad idea, and those that are pushing it are insulated & out of touch. It is not an issue of “Not In My Backyard” – it’s just a fact that there are many reasonable alternatives to this plan as is being proposed –

    Bernie Brown

  9. I just sent my opposition to the SD Planning Commission. I sent it to my friends in neighborhing areas (San Carlos) and asked them to send it as well. Not being San Diego residents, I’m not sure how much we’ll effect their vote. San Diego voters need to be speaking out as well.

  10. I have submitted an email. What is the planning commission thinking? Obviously none of them live in Santee nor use Mission Trails park.

  11. Emailed as instructed. Thank you for organizing this public defense. Everyone tell 10 others to do this today! Keep up your spirits & the great work and WE WILL WIN!

    LEAVING A REPLY HERE DOES NOT CONVEY YOUR OPPOSITION TO THE SD PLANNING COMMISSION. After doing this, please leave a comment to tell us you’ve submitted an email or fax and let’s tally up and ramp up the public support to STOP THIS REZONING BY THIS THURSDAY!

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