2nd Continuance: SD Planning Commission Hearing – Thurs, June 28th, 9am

The San Diego Planning Commission recommends rezoning the land to industrial  so Congentrix can proceed to build the power plant.
Attend the meeting & say NO!   Gather a group and carpool to this meeting.

(see map below)   Parking structure at this location – $18 all day parking (less if not all day)

Quail Brush Community Plan Amendment Initiation
The San Diego Planning Commission will consider a request to initiate an amendment to the East Elliot Community Plan to redesignate a portion of a 22 acre parcel from open space to industrial to allow future development of a 100 megawatt intermediate/peaking load energy generation facility.    Exempt from local, independent environmental review!

ACTION OF COMMISSION: Approve or deny the amendment initiation

THURSDAY   June 28, 2012,  9:00 A.M.
San Diego, CA 92101

Author: Jeffrey Kahn

Artist, designer, educator, earthling

4 thoughts on “2nd Continuance: SD Planning Commission Hearing – Thurs, June 28th, 9am”

  1. Hello- I am just getting involved in this. Just found out about it thanks to the yard signs. Anyway, i wrote to the mayor aof Santee and he told me the following. I am in no way dissing him. Just wonder if it is as hopless as he makes it sound. And who do we go after. Below is what he wrote;

    I oppose the power plant and I believe a majority of our Council
    members do as well (who would want a Powerplant on their border?).
    However there are some issues beyond the City of Santee’s control:
    1. The Powerplant is going to be in the Landfill.
    2. The Landfill is located in the City of San Diego.
    3. The City of San Diego cares nothing about your, or the Cities
    4. The City of Santee has recently been stripped of One Million Five
    hundred thousand dollars by the State of California, due to the ending
    of Redevelopment
    5. Because the City (400 other Redevelopment Districts as well) has
    been turned upside down financially, we do not have the estimated
    $250,000 to fight the Powerplant in court.
    6. If we did go to court and spent the $250,000 plus, in legal fees, we
    have a 95% chance (based upon legal opinion) of losing the lawsuit and
    only a 5% chance of getting minor concessions.
    That is the way I see this issue right now. The City of San Diego is
    the 400 pound gorilla on our front doorstep. The California Energy
    Commission is the other 800 pound gorilla at our backdoor.
    As you know I never mince words, the City of Santee will be rolled over
    on this one, with no hope of stopping a Powerplant that most people
    want. Even if some people don’t want it built, a vast majority are happy
    to have it in a corner of a landfill, away from everybody but our
    neighbors at the west end of Santee.
    Respectfully submitted,

    Randy Voepel
    Mayor, City of Santee

  2. I feel it is very unfair for these meetings to be held during normal business hours when most people have to be at work.

  3. Hey Jeff, where are the current zoning maps for our area? I haven’t been able to find them, yet. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      I found some maps in the Mission Trails draft master plan (June 2011). Others may have a better source, perhaps from the city or the CEC, but these maps noted here do show property owners:

      Also, review Steven Goldfarb’s letter to the CEC (Feb. 21) at the CEC – Quail Brush site (see link at home page, and go to Documents, Intervenors/Others) for history of ownership/zoning of this land.


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