Why Save Mission Trails? – by Patty Mooney

I admit it.  Mission Trails Regional Park is my backyard, and I do not want to see, hear or smell a power plant anywhere near this, the largest urban park in the USA.  Yet that is exactly what Sempra Energy and Cogentrix want to do.  They want to stick a grotesque conglomeration with 11 100-foot smokestacks and dozens of electrical towers right on top of Mission Trails where the “wild things” roam.  We’re talking about the home turf of Wile E Coyote and Road Runner.

Of course, as one of the unofficial custodians of this beautiful park, I must now let the world know what is going on in this corner of the planet, and why we must all be concerned about this.

It would be like plunking a power plant down on top of Yosemite or Zion or Central Park.  These are the places that people go for their emotional, physical and spiritual well being.  As Robert Redford said at the Yosemite National Park dedication in 1985, “I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security.  Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad.  Otherwise what is there to defend?”

I personally believe that Mission Trails Regional Park should have the protection status of our national parks, and that the last thing we, as a world community, should do is allow a bunch of greedy energy corporations to ruin paradise.  And that’s why I made this little video with the help of my husband:

2nd Continuance: SD Planning Commission Hearing – Thurs, June 28th, 9am

The San Diego Planning Commission recommends rezoning the land to industrial  so Congentrix can proceed to build the power plant.
Attend the meeting & say NO!   Gather a group and carpool to this meeting.

(see map below)   Parking structure at this location – $18 all day parking (less if not all day)

Quail Brush Community Plan Amendment Initiation
The San Diego Planning Commission will consider a request to initiate an amendment to the East Elliot Community Plan to redesignate a portion of a 22 acre parcel from open space to industrial to allow future development of a 100 megawatt intermediate/peaking load energy generation facility.    Exempt from local, independent environmental review!

ACTION OF COMMISSION: Approve or deny the amendment initiation

THURSDAY   June 28, 2012,  9:00 A.M.
San Diego, CA 92101