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Petition to California Energy Commission and All Agencies

We petition the California Energy Commission, the San Diego City Council, and all agencies to categorically reject any proposals by any entity to construct a power plant alongside Mission Trails Regional Park. The Quail Brush Generation Plant will negatively impact anyone who lives, works, or attends school nearby, and anyone who frequents the park. The tranquility of our open-space park, a local and national treasure, with historical, geographic, and wildlife preservation value, will be adversely affected.

Additionally, local communities cannot afford the property value decreases, and even stringent air quality standards will not prevent a diminished air quality from the plant’s emissions. Our health and the lives of our children and elderly depend on your decision. To construct a power plant anywhere near Mission Trails, which has long been designated Open Space, and not an industrial area, is neither rational nor necessary.  We request you halt the present siting of the Quail Brush Generation Plant.

32 thoughts on “Sign the Petition”

  1. Time to take a stand for PUBLIC HEALTH and YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE! You CAN’T MITIGATE the devastating pollution impacts this QBGP will have on the thousands of citizens that use MTRP daily and live in the surrounding communities.
    LORS are in place for a reason and SHOULD NOT be changed to accomodate the highest bidder or largest donations! The applicant seeks to have our Open Space rezoned to heavy industrial to sit this NG power plant!
    KNOWLEDGE IS TRULY POWER! That’s why you must NOT wait to oppose the QBGP!

  2. Can we just leave it the way it is. The 52 has some of the best views. Why destroy them with a power plant? Alternative sources should be looked into. I am definitely not down for a power plant!

  3. We don’t need this power plant. We don’t want this power plant. Let’s use efficiency upgrades and local renewables to meet our needs, rather than falling back to 20th century solutions.

    No matter what, don’t let Sempra build industrial-scale power plants near parks and residential areas. It’s offensive. We pay a lot to live in San Diego for the high quality of life, and Sempra doesn’t seem to appreciate that. They would rather grow their enterprise than protect the community’s quality of life. So it’s up to us to voice our displeasure with their proposals, and defeat them.

  4. In the year 2000 as an employee, I watched with tied hands as they manipulated the markets and shut down hundreds of small businesses by raising their utility bills ( At the same time, because of their “spend to budget” practice, I was personally ordering MILLIONs of dollars of hardware and software that had no intended purpose. Now Sempra Energy wants to take Federally gifted public land to build 11 x 100ft smoke stacks to burn natural gas & pollute Mission Trails, Santee, West Hills High School, the San Diego River Valley, & eventually our ocean. If this sounds like a fake scenario out of a movie, it’s not. Regardless of how you feel about corporations and free enterprise, allowing federally subsidized public utilities to exercise this type of greed by sacrificing our city’s future is not right for anyone. Please join me in helping to stop Sempra and Goldman Sachs from raping our natural resources for their short term gains.

  5. Building a power plant right next to the largest public use park in San Diego as well as across the street from a high school where kids are trying to learn is a very bad idea!

    I oppose this plan as a voter. A plant like this should be built in an already industrial area that already has industrial buildings, noise and pollutants. We have our parks for a reason, to escape to nature for peace and solitude. They are already building a power link through Cleveland National Forest, Now they want a Power Plant at mission trails. Lets protect our parks, our public use and keep our schools safe.

  6. As the Cogentrix ad so cunningly reminds us “Knowledge is Power”. It is our task to empower them and all those that add to their power, by letting them KNOW how much our quality of life and our nature park is valued by us. Join up, offer your assistance to help this cause/battle, spread the word and dare to write to any/all local officials to demand that they fight for the public!

  7. The idea of a power plant at Mission Trails is an insult to Santee residents and surrounding communities. Potential dangers at this location, as well as aesthetic and physical impact is more than enough to scrap this project. Building something like this at Mission Trails makes no sense at all.

  8. One of the worst places to site a power plant; close to people, parks, the Marine Base and its flight activities, and wildlife and recreation areas. This area is not an area to be industrialized by multiple power stacks. Let’s work on efficient use of energy, renewable energy, and conservation versus our wasteful habits.

  9. I get that SDG&E has some of our interests in mind, the fact they are now investing in geothermal, wind and solar is a reflection of our own demands (a decade late but nonetheless). However this power plant is a reflection of them looking for a cheap currently available energy fossil fuel. They found it, natural gas is available provided we as California import 73% of our natural gas. Yes we do have reciprocating gas engines capable of 55-65% efficiency but we are still using combustion. We are still emitting greenhouse gasses. We are not progressing into the future if we are still are attached to the nipple of the fossil fuels. Its time we move on already. That’s what SDG&E told us the smart grid and the sunrise power link were all about; using our technology to rebuild and make our energies smarter for the future.
    They say we need this power plant to provide more energy during “peaks of consumption.” We don’t need more energy, we need smarter consumption, we need the private production of our own electricity. SDG&E would never facilitate this for us because it jeopardizes their very existence. We have a responsibility here and we need to make our stand against SDG&E and Cogenertrix. Use our voices, actions and behaviors to stop this plant from ruining our community. Lets act soon.

    See you in front of the bulldozers

  10. Everyone should get solar panels installed in Santee and require SDG&E to pay the going rate for power. We don’t need no stinking power plant.

  11. The deleterious effects of the plant on public safety, health and quality of life became ever more clear at last evening’s hearing. It is an ill conceived concept at minimum but more importantly it is blatantly hazardous, on so many levels, to this particular community. …or any community for that matter. P.S.The impassive presence of corporate reps at the meeting was just another affront to Santee but a good motivator to continue to oppose vigorously!.

  12. I am also not opposed to building power plants, but seriously, make an effort to chose a more viable site! A powerplant a stone’s throw from people’s homes? The destruction of a portion of Mission Trails Regional Park?

  13. If this goes through, I will immediately put my house up for sale. Who is going to buy a home between 10 smoke stakes, expect values to go down between 30-50%

  14. First Name: Pat Hurley
    Comments to the CEC: This power plant must be stopped. The health of the people, pets and wildlife, and future of the city of Santee are at stake. Please do not approve this project.

  15. Why are we just hearing about this? Do we have a voice in this matter, because the land belongs to San Diego?

  16. I can’t believe this! After all the talk about joining with the San Diego River Parks Foundation that this is happening! What a blight on the beautiful Mission Trails Regional Park! I’m sure the park rangers have an opinion about this as well. The only power we need is the Power To THE PEOPLE!

  17. Where can I get a sign I can (legally) plant in my front yard? I live on a busy street not far from the proposed site.

  18. Peaker plant my eye! This thing is a monster. They are trying to replace the Chula Vista plant and stick it right on our doorstep. You better believe this monster is going to be running 24/7. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is a fool. This piece of junk has the potential to wreck Mission Trails park and Santee. What a bone headed idea. Put it somewhere smarter, this is a terrible choice of location.

  19. Yes we can win this if everyone is on board ! I didn’t even know about this until today when a concerned neighbor came to my door (Thank You !)

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