Air Pollution

Tetratech-CEC report doesn’t tell the whole story:

  • CO [carbon monoxide] 56.5 tons per year at 43% operation [113 tons or more at 100%]  Exposure to carbon monoxide makes people feel dizzy and tired and gives them headaches.  In high concentrations it is fatal.   Elderly people with heart disease are hospitalized more often when they are exposed to higher amounts of carbon monoxide.
  • NO2 [Nitrogen dioxide] 44.8 tons per year [89.6 or more at 100%]  People who are exposed to nitrogen dioxide for a long time have a higher chance of getting respiratory infections.  Nitrogen dioxide reacts in the atmosphere to form acid rain, which can harm plants and animals.
  • Other toxic pollutants: Benzene, Formaldehyde, Propylene [tons and tons] Toxic air pollutants can cause cancer.  Some toxic air pollutants can also cause birth defects.  Other effects depend on the pollutant, but can include skin and eye irritation and breathing problems.

Read about Major Air Pollutants:

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