Download Flyers, Signs, Petitions

Below you’ll find a leaflet/flyer, petition, and poster. Use these to get the word out, save Mission Trails Park and help stop the power plant. 

SaveMissionTrails_flyer_4up.pdfsave mission trails flyer 4up

Santee Flyer 4 up

CEC_Docket PETITION CEC Docket Petition

Mission Trails Park Mission Trails Poster 14×18

Cards & Banners – vector based pdfs
All card & banner documents include a black & white plus a black & orange version
(2 pages per pdf). Which one you use depends on the substrate-surface, printer’s capabilities and budget. Safety note: 8.5×11″ Cards should be placed in the driver’s side rear window. Do not print the cards or banners on transparent surfaces or film.

Our Brand, colors, fonts and printing options

Pantone: 151 (for spot color, silk screen and communicating solid colors)
Hex: f46600 (for web use)
CMYK: 65% process magenta, 100% process yellow (for offset litho and digital prints)

100% black

Font usage:
Helvetica Bold and Helvetica Regular (Please don’t use any other fonts. It dilutes our identity.)


One thought on “Download Flyers, Signs, Petitions”

  1. This billion dollar corperation, Cogentrix, if allowed, will destroy the open space park land of MTRP that thousands of San Diegans love and use every day! Who in their right mind would want to do any type of outdoor activity at a regional park that has the “added feature” of a natural gas generated power plant with 11 smokestacks spewing hundreds of tons of TOXIC AIR POLLUTANTS into the air? Will this new “added feature” be included on the MTRP website and brochures if built? How much more added air pollution are you willing to breath? How can anyone who loves San Diego sit on their hands and accept the permanent destruction of one of our most precious resources, Mission Trails Regional Park? Our quality of life is worth fighting for!
    The fight is not over! As the CEC puts it, “CEQA on Steroids” can override the San Diego City Council’s re-zone denial and override San Diego’s LORS.
    Help mobilize public outcry against the proposed Quail Brush power plant to create mass public opposition to the project. Join the fight to save “Mission Trails Regional Park, Our Health, Our Surrounding Communities of Navajo, Tierrasanta, Poway & East County!

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