Multiple News Station Coverage of the SD Planning Commission to Not Rezone

News coverage regarding the Quail Brush Power Plant – July 19, 2012 on 4 stations:

  • KGTV10 @ 11 0:00
  • KFMB8 @ 11 1:41
  • KNSD7 @ 11 4:06
  • KNSD7 @ 4 5:46
  • KFMB8 @ 5 7:59
  • KNSD7 @ 5 8:23
  • KGTV10 @ 5 10:08
  • KUSI9 @ 6 11:58
  • KFMB8 @ 6 14:22
  • KGTV10 @ 7 14:59
  • KUSI9 @ 10 15:36
  • KUSI9 @ 11 17:59
  • KGTV10 @ 11 18:48
  • KNSD7 @ 11 19:22

San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob Opposes Power Plant

Below are the concerns that Dianne Jacob shared with Robert B. Weisenmiller, Chairman of the California Energy Commission. Click to see a copy of the letter.

“Dear Mr. Weisenmiller:

As Supervisor for the Second Supervisorial District for the County of San Diego, I am writing you today to express my opposition to the Quail Brush Genco LLC Generation Power Plant. I appreciate the opportunity to briefly comment on this project.

On March 28, the City of Santee formally took a position to oppose this project. I support this action and share the concerns the City has raised including potential impacts to the surrounding area due to noise, air quality, visual aesthetics, biological, water and emergency response that would be generated by this project.

Enclosed is a copy of the City of Santee’s resolution of opposition and comment letter to the proposed project. The California Energy Commission must fully consider the information provided in both of these documents. It is my intention to keep working closely with the City and demonstrate that this is the wrong location for this power plant.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to comment on this project. If you would like to discuss anything further, please feel free to contact me at (619) 531-5522 or via

Introducing Save Mission Trails

In order to include the City of San Diego in our battle to defeat the Quail Brush power plant, Stop the Santee Power Plant (SSPP) has evolved into two separate organizations: SSPP and Save Mission Trails. 

Together, we will campaign to protect our communities and beloved park. Save Mission Trails Corporation will become a non-profit organization with the initial and urgent goal to continue the grassroots effort to stop the power plant.  Our long-term mission is to protect and preserve Mission Trails Regional Park and the surrounding open spaces from the re-zoning and further encroachment which harms our park and adjacent communities.

Have you written your letter yet?

“Act Now and You will have an Impact.” –Congressman Bob Filner addressing the San Diego River Coalition panel on the Quail Brush Power Plant proposal, May 18, 2012 (details below)

Make a commitment to write your letter to the CEC and San Diego Planning Commission by May 31.  Your time investment:  5-10 minutes, as we made it easy for you.  Click here for instructions.  A brief paragraph with your own words are best, or use talking points from the sample letter or other letters on the public docket.  Stong public opposition is a key ingredient in defeating this ill-conceived project.  Don’t delay; do your part today!  And THANK YOU to everyone who has already taken this action step.

When they see opposition – that’s when they ask for more time. They are trying to narrow the situation to where their control is paramount…the CEC at the State level, where their money and influence and lobbyists all have their say and the public is left out…so this is a process, this is your chance to influence the process…And once the reports come out, Lori is going to come back and say the report is done. You should have been here earlier  – where were you? You’ve all watched this dozens of times. It’s too early when you’re opposed and then when you come back it’s too late. Act now and you will have an impact.”  –Congressman Bob Filner, May 18, 2012

The San Diego River Coalition authorized sending a letter opposing the Quail Brush Power Plant to key decision-makers at its regular meeting May 18, 2012:

The mission of the San Diego River Coalition is to preserve and enhance the San Diego River, its watershed, and its natural, cultural and recreational resources. Locating an industrial power plant at the proposed location within the Mission Trails Design District of East Elliot would contradict and be incompatible with the mission, vision and principles of the San Diego River Coalition. Therefore, we urge you to oppose changes to ‘laws, ordinances, standards and regulations’(LORS) needed to site the ‘Quail Brush Power Plant’ within the Mission Trails Design District of East Elliot and upon a parcel one-half-mile from the San Diego River.”

Note: A list of fifty-nine San Diego River Coalition organizations can be found at
The executive boards of some San Diego River Coalition organizations had not considered the Quail Brush issue prior to the meeting and did not authorize a vote by their representatives. Other organizations were absent. There was a single vote against sending the letter of opposition.

How much will your property value drop?

Click on the map to enlarge

How much will your property value drop? It depends on how close you are to the power plant. Here is a report from UC Berkeley that concluded a 3-7% decline in property value within 2 miles of a power plant after construction: click here to read “The Effect of Power Plants on Local Housing Values and Rents”

Here is the math:
A $250K home could be worth $232K
A $200K home could be worth $186K
A $150K home could be worth $139K

Don’t expect the radius to be a cut off point. Home values will drop if you live outside the 2 mile radius.  Lower home values almost always impact their neighbors.