Introducing Save Mission Trails

In order to include the City of San Diego in our battle to defeat the Quail Brush power plant, Stop the Santee Power Plant (SSPP) has evolved into two separate organizations: SSPP and Save Mission Trails. 

Together, we will campaign to protect our communities and beloved park. Save Mission Trails Corporation will become a non-profit organization with the initial and urgent goal to continue the grassroots effort to stop the power plant.  Our long-term mission is to protect and preserve Mission Trails Regional Park and the surrounding open spaces from the re-zoning and further encroachment which harms our park and adjacent communities.

Author: Jeffrey Kahn

Artist, designer, educator, earthling

2 thoughts on “Introducing Save Mission Trails”

    1. Excellent reminder about this added, serious, local local issue – details below to submit letters – JUST DO IT!. . .please. . . . If you use Facebook, more details here:
      We need your comments and questions in the legal record to lay a foundation for litigation if needed.
      Send to:
      Subject: SYCAMORE LANDFILL MASTER PLAN EXPANSION, Project No. 5617/SCH No. 2003041057

      Comment Deadline June 25, 2012
      Sample Letter

      Subject: SYCAMORE LANDFILL MASTER PLAN EXPANSION, Project No. 5617/SCH No. 2003041057

      Dear Ms. Shearer-Nguyen,
      Repeated expansions reveal Sycamore Landfill as a “Trojan horse” capable of destroying Santee’s health, quality of life and property values. Any further expansion has severe adverse impacts and should be rejected.

      Why would San Diego trade the civic pride of Mission Trails Park for the reputation of heaping the state’s largest mountain of trash? The elevation of this eyesore would create a permanent ghastly boil upon the face of the park and adjacent community. The current size of the landfill emits noxious gas and odors – further expansion is not reasonable.

      The increase in truck traffic induced by daily tonnage allowance increases will quickly overwhelm the intersection of Mast Boulevard/the landfill entrance and overwhelm the nearby ramps of SR-52. Current conditions create back-ups on Mast Boulevard during morning commute hours that impacts the access to West Hills High School. Daily tonnage should be limited to 4,000 tons/day just to prevent traffic chaos at West Hills High School and SR-52 ramps. Limiting daily tonnage also provides incentives to produce less waste and extend the life of the landfill.

      What is the cost of lining the older portion of the landfill and what other measures can be taken to protect groundwater sources from leachate?
      How much additional dust will be generated and how will dust be controlled?
      How will waste be kept out of the view of neighborhoods and park users?
      What violations have been issued over life of landfill operations and what actions were taken to correct the problems?

      Thank you for considering these comments,

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