Because of You!

Save Mission Trails
was honored with the People’s Mic Award on Saturday, August 3, 2013, at the Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center. YOU earned this award for your determination and resilience. Every letter written, sign waved, rally attended, comment spoken, and seat taken contributed to the CPUC denial of the SDG&E power purchase agreement and the one-year suspension of the Quail Brush Power Plant. A great big thank you to YOU!

The award was presented by new radio/online station KNSJ 89.1 FM / during their launch party which celebrated San Diego’s Community Radio. KNSJ’s call letters stand for Networking for Social Justice. Please proudly view your award:

SMT Peoples Mic


3 thoughts on “Because of You!”

  1. I would like to personally thank all of the volunteers who make-up “Save Mission Trails”! This award is for you, the people who passed out fliers, attended rallies, spoke at public forums, and stood up against the greed of the multi-billion dollar international corporations! THEY ARE NOT TOO BIG TO FAIL!

  2. Thanks for sharing our award with us! To receive this from East County Magazine’s award-winning journalist, Miriam Rafferty, and from KNSJ truly honors SMT.

    Yesterday on San Diego Free Press, there was a graphic that says “Activism is my rent on Earth”

    “Paying our rent” isn’t just about making our world a better place anymore–it’s about saving ourselves! No one can do everything and everyone can do something. Let’s keep it up!

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