Multiple News Station Coverage of the SD Planning Commission to Not Rezone

News coverage regarding the Quail Brush Power Plant – July 19, 2012 on 4 stations:

  • KGTV10 @ 11 0:00
  • KFMB8 @ 11 1:41
  • KNSD7 @ 11 4:06
  • KNSD7 @ 4 5:46
  • KFMB8 @ 5 7:59
  • KNSD7 @ 5 8:23
  • KGTV10 @ 5 10:08
  • KUSI9 @ 6 11:58
  • KFMB8 @ 6 14:22
  • KGTV10 @ 7 14:59
  • KUSI9 @ 10 15:36
  • KUSI9 @ 11 17:59
  • KGTV10 @ 11 18:48
  • KNSD7 @ 11 19:22

Author: Jeffrey Kahn

Artist, designer, educator, earthling

4 thoughts on “Multiple News Station Coverage of the SD Planning Commission to Not Rezone”

  1. Since Cogentrix is appealing the San Diego City Planning Commission’s denial to initiate amendment of the General Plan & East Elliott Community Plan, how can we stay abreast of how that appeal is coming along?

    1. You will recall that the Cogentrix appeal of the SD Planning Commission was denied by the San Diego City Council on Sept. 24, 2012. It’s the state agency, the CEC, that can now override these local decisions, IF they vote to approve the siting of QB. Say NO WAY to the CEC!

  2. Excellent work making this a news worthy event. Volunteers from Stop the Santee Power Plant and Save Mission Trails were able to shine some light on this project. Without these volunteers the media and the citizens of Santee and San Diego would have been left in the dark.

    I was able to talk to a couple of San Diego City Council members yesterday and the general consensus is that they are very uncomfortable with setting any precedent when it comes to re-zoning open areas.

    Patrick Hurley
    71st State Assembly District

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