Power Plant rendering and size

Below is a rendering of the proposed power plant. The image includes a six foot person to provide size and scale comprehension (the power plant’s color is not red).
site plan drawing

Author: Jeffrey Kahn

Artist, designer, educator, earthling

3 thoughts on “Power Plant rendering and size”

  1. And what about all the giant power lines that will be attached to this plant – right through our community and across our beautiful open space. Why was the Chula Vista plant shut down just to ruin our neighborhood with a new one? Rebuild on the same site (which is industrial) rather than ruin our community and the Mission Trails open space. Those big smokestacks spewing out smoke and fumes. Awful.

  2. According to the application for certification, the power plant is projected to operate up to 3,800 hrs per year ( or approximately at 43% of the time). The projected EAF (equivalent availability factor), based on the SDG&E Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), is estimated to exceed 98 percent in the summer months (June-September), and exceed 94 percent in the non-summer months. During these times the power plant can operate 7 days per week, 24 hr per day. We are talking about eleven 100 ft smokstacks,11 separate, parallel trains of generators, each w/an independent engines. That round structure next to the smokestacks on the right must be the 20,000-gallon capacity aboveground storage tank for the Fire Water that they will store onsite. (based on Information from Quail Brush application for certification.

    This power plant DOES NOT belong on the border of MISSION TRAILS REGIONAL PARK or anywhere near a population! The San Diego Planning Commission must deny the request to rezone the East Elliot Community Plan from OPEN SPACE to INDUSTRIAL! If this 22 acre parcel is rezoned then the Quail Brush 100 MW power plant would be EXEMPT FROM ENVIRONMENTAL!

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