Protect your neighborhood, homes and health

This summary of plant emissions equals 43% of actual emissions. Equal to 204.84 tons of pollution per year. This data was provided within their project proposal. However, it will be more than doubled if the plant runs at full capacity.

We are trying to Stop the power plant that Cogentrix Energy wants to put in the middle of our Santee neighborhood. It’s important to rally our community and show our city council that we won’t stand for this. The plant will burn toxic gas and spew pollution all over Santee.

Our home values will be lowered too.

Author: Jeffrey Kahn

Artist, designer, educator, earthling

11 thoughts on “Protect your neighborhood, homes and health”

  1. This power plant needs to be stopped! I’ve written to Marti Emerald (, Supervisor Jacobs ( and to the Public Advisor ( voicing my opposition. If there are any others I missed, please let me know.

  2. The City of Santee denied me a temporary sign permit for the corner of Mast and West Hills Pkwy.
    All I wanted to do was notify the Santee community about our weekly meeting, every Tues. evening 6PM at Pinnacle Peak Steak House.

    1. I thought that Randy Vopel (?) said at one of the meetings that all you had to do was post it like any other political sign, at a place where you could stake it into the ground, and that you really didn’t need a permit.

  3. 11 smoke stacks from hell spewing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other cancer causing air pollutants into the air. The Quail Brush gas generated power plant is not just at the city dump in some secluded place called Sycamore Canyon. The Quail Brush power plant is a couple blocks from Santee little league baseball fields, West Hills High School, hundreds of homes and will adversely affect the entire Santee valley. It also borders Mission Trails Regional Park which includes Cowles Mountain and scenic parts of the San Diego River. This treasured natural parkland belongs to every citizen in San Diego county. There is no argument that will take away the adverse health affects this proposed power plant will have on the population surrounding it. No matter how much land is promised to expand Mission Trails Regional Park the toxic pollution will still be there! Our elected public servants on the San Diego and Santee city councils should stand up and protect the citizens and park lands against the obvious pollution Cogentrix will bring if this power plant is built.

  4. There needs to be a lot more people involved in halting this project. Not only is this a health issue, but also a safety issue which will impact many of us here in Santee. We as ctizens can put a hold on this by banning together. Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 5:45 P.M. is when everyone should be at Pinnacle Peak for this meeting. There are other areas which would be more suitable for something like this instead of placing it in a bedroom community such as Santee. I would like to know the name of the person that left the 2 sided flyer at my door with a phone # in order for me to contact them.

    1. Hi Pat,
      About a dozen of us canvassed the West Hills area of Santee this past Saturday. We’ll be out doing more this coming Saturday, and we’ll be at the meeting tonight. This is pretty much the only way people are hearing about this so far…flyers and word-of-mouth…

  5. I object to the zoning. There has to be an appropriate industrially zoned site somewhere near both power lines and a natural gas line.

    As far as “smoke belching smokestacks”, this is proposed to be a natural gas plant, which burns more cleanly than any other fossil fuel, so that’s a bit of a red herring. The exhaust will probably just look like shimmering air and/or steam. One photo shows dead cattle, which is also a bit “over the top”.

    If it’s needed by the energy plan, build it. Just please put it in a more appropriate area.

    1. So Jeff, I’m not clear. Are you against the placement of the plant, the fact that they’re burning natural gas, or the fact that a non-green power generation plant is being built at all? I see these as three separate issues and am curious what your broader perspective objections really are.

      For me, it’s just placement, I’m fine with natural gas, and think forcing green energy is kind of silly.

  6. I just wrote the following to both Supervisor Jacob and councilwoman Marti emerald. Feel free to use any part or all of it. We must make our opposition known to the decision makers:

    Ms. Jacob:
    I am writing you to notify you of my opposition to the Quailbrush power plant that has been requested to be built essentially in my front yard, the corner of Mast Blvd and West Hills Parkway. Although this looks like a great place for the tax payers of the city of San Diego (being hidden by Mission Trails Park and its hills) it is directly across the street from several neighborhoods in Santee, including mine.

    All the on going pollutants, noise, traffic during construction and all the other negatives that come with such a project will affect hundreds of homes and literally across the street. Not to mention the on going pollution that will be generated affecting the students of West Hills High School less than a quarter of a mile downwind on Mast Blvd.

    With our property values already sunk and many of us stuck with under water mortgages, this will only make a bad situation worse. Believe me no one will want to by a home or town home across the street from a 11 one hundred foot high toxic spewing smoke stacks.

    We need to be encouraging developers to make alternative green power generation local to their developments and begin getting away from the idea of large fossil fuel burning power generation plants.

    Don’t do this to the city of Santee, and your neighbors.

    I am requesting in a strong a manner as possible that you oppose the construction of this power generating station at this location.
    Do not allow the city of San Diego to make any zone changes that would allow this plant to be built.
    Do not make any land deal that would place the plant in on any part of Mission Trails Park. This is a gem to the city and the county and should be protected!

    Peter J. Adams
    Santee, CA 92071

  7. The power plant company professes transparency, but what good is transparency when coupled with invisibility? The proposed power plant site is on San Diego property, but Santee is immediately adjacent to and downwind. The company could have provided real transparency from the start by informing us via signs at Santee gateways (such as West Hills Blvd./Mast Blvd) and a flyer mailed to Santee residents. This hasn’t happened, so it’s up to us to get the word out NOW!

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