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After the March 21, 2013, CPUC vote to temporarily disallow SDG&E to purchase power from Quail Brush (QB), all eyes are on the CA Energy Commission (CEC)’s looming decision to approve or deny this power plant FOR GOOD. The CEC can override the local San Diego City Council/Planning Commission votes which rejected QB in 2012. While the applicant Cogentrix deliberates its next move and the CEC reviews the project, the opposition to QB keeps building. Please email the CEC TODAY with these easy steps. Don’t delay!

  • Email: and “cc” local, state, and federal officials (scroll down for info) or submit your e-comment via this CEC form.
  • Subject Line / Reference:  “CEC record‐Docket #11‐AFC‐03 Quail Brush Power Generation Siting Case.”
  • Include your name, date, city, and zip code (Full address not required – *see privacy info below)
  • Request that CEC stop the project for good by choosing the “No Project Alternative,” to uphold the City of San Diego LORS (zoning rules), and to reject a fossil fuel power plant in a high fire-hazard zone, near residences, schools, and beautiful Mission Trails Park. Feel free to use this Sample Letter.
    Even Better:  Write and send your own message – even just a few sentences.
  • Multiple emails are effective – email the CEC regularly!
    Whenever you have additional comments/questions, send more emails promptly.
  • *Privacy Note:  The CEC posts public comments on its website.  If you do not wish your personal contact information, such as your address, email, etc. to be available on the CEC website, you can email your letter to the CEC as an attachment without your contact information. In your email text, state “See attachment for public docket.” Generally, e-comments submitted via CEC’s e-filing do not show your email, only your name.
  • Click here to keep up-to-date and make sure your letter is posted. Sign up on the CEC List Server (lower right corner).
FEDERAL, STATE, & LOCAL OFFICIALS. For greatest impact, “cc” all on every email. Copy/Paste entire list to “cc”:


On July 19, 2012, the San Diego Planning Commission voted down (4-1) the Community Plan Amendment Initiative to rezone the proposed power plant  site from open space to industrial. On September 24, 2012, the San Diego City Council unanimously (8-0) voted to deny an appeal by CoGentrix to initiatie the re-zoning. On March 21, the CA Public Utilities Commission voted to temporarily deny a power purchase agreement (PPA) for Quail Brush. Great victories! But the fight continues until this project is rejected FOR GOOD! 

Here’s what you can do NOW, in 2014, to help:
Write a letter or email to San Diego City Councilmembers
a) Thank the councilmembers for their support and
b) Request their continued opposition to the California Energy Commission’s interest in placing a fossil fuel power plant on East Elliott open space at Mission Trails Park.
c) Encourage the councilmembers to make all of East Elliott “Dedicated” Open Space, a category with higher protection than “Designated” Open Space.

Sample text for letter to SD City Council:
RE: East Elliott and Quail Brush – PROJECT NO. 2011-04 Thank you and a Request

Thank you for your vote to deny the Community Plan Amendment #2011-04. However, the California Energy Commission can still override the zoning regulations to build an industrial fossil fuel power plant in this open space area that is designated to be protected. Please continue to fight the Quail Brush Generation Project on open space, as it conflicts with the following: the East Elliott Community Plan, the General Plan, the Municipal Code, and the Mission Trails Regional Park Design Plan. Please push quickly to DEDICATE the East Elliott land as open space so it is protected forever. San Diego citizens deserve to keep our park the beautiful refuge that it is now.

Let’s move toward progressive energy solutions for San Diego, including rooftop solar, energy storage, energy efficiency, and community choice aggregation (CCA). Solar panels on rooftops in sunshine-rich San Diego is an obvious alternative. No way for natural gas fossil fuel plant at our beloved park’s edge and future expansion area!